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Behavioral Epigenomics

Mews, P., Donahue, G., Drake, A. M., Luczak, V., Abel, T. and Berger, S. (2017). Acetyl-CoA synthetase regulates histone acetylation and hippocampal memory. Nature 546: 381-386. PMCID: In Process.

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Sleep and Memory

Havekes, R. and Abel, T. (2017). The tired hippocampus: The molecular impact of sleep deprivation on hippocampal function. Current Opinion in Neurobiology 44: 13-19. PMCID: In Process.

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Molecular Basis of Neurodevelopmental and Psychiatric Disorders

Koberstein, J. N., Poplawski, S. G., Wimmer, M. E., Porcari, G., Kao, C., Gomes, B., Risso, D., Hakonarson, H., Zhang, N. R., Schultz, R. T., Abel, T., Peixoto, L.(2018). Learning-dependent chromatin remodeling highlights noncoding regulatory regions linked to autism. Sci Signal, 11(513). doi:10.1126/scisignal.aan6500. PMCID: In Process.

Grissom, N. M., McKee, S. E., Schoch, H., Bowman, N., Havekes, R., George, R., O’Brien, W. T., Kumar, M., Pickup, S., Jangir, V. K., Mahrt, E. Siegel, S., Poptani, H., Portfors, C., Nickl-Jockschat, T., Reyes, T. M. and Abel, T. (2017). Male-specific deficits in natural reward learning in a mouse genetic model of autism. Molecular Psychiatry, in press. PMCID: In Process


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cAMP signaling, synaptic plasticity and memory

Luczak, V., Blackwell, K. T., Abel, T., Girault, J.-A., and Gervasi, N. (2017). Dendritic diameter influences the rate and magnitude of hippocampal cAMP and PKA transients during β-adrenergic receptor activation. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 138: 10-20. PMCID: In Process.


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