Photo Gallery

2023: Fourth of July BBQ party


2023: Highly Prestigious Faculty Award Investiture

Dr. Abel recognized at "Highly Prestigious Faculty Award Investiture" held on April 25, 2023 at Hancher Auditorium.  Pictured with Emily, Sarah, Jae Kyoon (front), Satya, (Dr. Abel), Jyoti, Mahesh and Yong Seok (back). 

2022: The Abel's lab at the Neuroscience and Pharmacology department holiday party

From Left: Jyoti, Dr. Abel, Yann, Utsav, Lucy, Pravda, Mahesh, JaeKyoon, Yutong and Satya

2022: The Abel's lab gathers at SfN meeting in San Diego

Abel Lab at NsF 2022

From Left: Utsav, Mahesh, Jyoti, Satya, Dr. Abel, Ben, JaeKyoon, Pravda, Emily, Lucy and Yutong

2022: The Abel's lab welcomes Prof. Marcelo Wood of University of California, Irvine

Dr. Wood visited the University of Iowa to give a seminar " Epigenetic molecular memory of a previous experience :  Is ACVR1C the link ?"

[from left] Jyoti, Lucy, Thomas, Jae Kyoon, Dr. Abel, Dr. Wood, Yutong, Emily, Mahesh, and Pravda. 

2022: Lab BBQ


[Front row] from left: Ingrid, Yutong, Junko, Taylor, Dr. Abel, Mahesh, JaeKyoon, Emily.  [Back row] from left: Queena, Tasha, Quinn, Ben, Nathan, Satya, Utsav, Lucy

2021: University of Iowa 38th Presidential Lecture


2021: Current Lab Members


[Front row] from left: Junko Kasuya, Yuxi Li, Yutong Wang, Pravda Quinones, Jyoti Chatterjee, Dr. Ted Abel, JaeKyoon Kim,   [Middle row] from left: Ben kelvington, Tasha Gilkison, Utsav Mukherjee,   [Back row] from left: Satya Tadinada, Queena Li, Nathan Robillard, Thomas Nickl-Jockschat, Mahesh Shivarama Shetty, Yann Vanrobaey, Sarah Ferri, Emily Walsh


[Front row] from left: Queena Li, Mahesh Shivarama Shetty, Sarah Ferri, JaeKyoon Kim, Kelsey Blocklinger [Back row] from left: Jyoti Chatterjee, Marie Gaine, Yann Vanrobaey, Dr. Ted Abel,  Satya Tadinada, Emily Walsh


from left: Sarah Ferri, Tania Chatterjee-Chowdhury, Christopher Angelakos,  ####, Jyoti Chatterjee, Thomas Nickl-Jockschat, Mahesh Shivarama Shetty,  Tankesh Kumar, Dr. Ted Abel

2018: Undergraduate Poster Presentations


Dr. Abel and Ariel Roghair (Interdisciplinary Summer Undergraduate Research Program student from Macalester College)


Dr. Abel, Amy Yang (Undergraduate Research Assistant) and  ###

Dr. Abel and Ashley Plumb (Interdisciplinary Summer Undergraduate Research Program student from St. Ambrose University)

2017: Carver Trust Investiture

from left: Tankesh Kumar, Sarah Ferri, Marie Gaine, Dr. Abel, Jyoti Chatterjee, Mahesh Shivarama Shetty, Joseph Lynch, Tania chatterjee-chowdhury, Christopher Angelakos


[Front row] from left: Dr. Abel, Joseph Lynch, Sarah Ferri  [Back row] from left: Marie Gaine, Eric Sorensen, Tania Chatterjee-Chowdhury, Jyoti Chatterjee, Mahesh Shivarama Shetty

2016: Iowa Neuroscience Institute welcome reception

Jimmy Potash and Ted Abel

UI professor and chair of psychiatry Dr. James Potash and Dr. Abel

2016 : Ted Abel's lab reunion at SfN meeting San Diego 

Lab outing

[Front row] from left: Lucia Peixoto, Robbert Havekes, Jennifer Choi Tudor [Middle row] from left: Elizabeth A Heller, Marcelo Wood, Dt. Abel, Nichole Gri, Michele Kelley, Karuna Meda [Back row] from left: Mathieu Wimmer, ###, Matthew Lattal, Alan Park, Chris Vecsey, James Lederman

2015: Visiting Iowa

Visiting Iowa

from left: Tania Chatterjee-Chowdhury, Jyoti Chatterjee, Thomas Nickl-Jockschat, Dr. Abel, ###, ###, Jennifer Choi Tudor


Lab Outings

Lab outing
  2014 Penn lab Outing

[Front row] Kyle Krainock [Middle row] from left: ###, Jennifer Choi Tudor, , ###, Hannah Schoch, Sarah Ferri, ### [Back row] from left: Danielle Cusmano, Dr. Abel, Vince Luczak, Morgan Bridi, Robbert Havekes, Anna McNally, Giulia Porcari, Michael Heenan, Christopher Angelakos, ###

Lab outing
  2013 Penn lab outing

Lab outing
  2011 Penn lab outing

[Front row]  from left:Jennifer Choi Tudor, Hannah Schoch, Lucia Peixoto (with her baby), Toni-Moi Prince [Back row] from left: Dr. Abel, Alan Park, Morgan Bridi, Charles Kenworthy, Shane Poplawski, Leonardo Guercio